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Kindle Fire Not Cheap Enough For You? Amazon to Slash $50 Off Before Next Gen Tablets Arrive

Many people dubbed Amazon's Kindle Fire as the iPad killer before it was officially released. It wasn't able to kill iPad sales as people predicted, but it's a pretty solid tablet and eBook reader for the price that you're paying for it. At $199, it's around three hundred bucks cheaper than the fancy Apple iPad.

And it's about to get cheaper. Word is, Amazon is planning to slash an additional $50 off the already crazy cheap price later this year, when it launches its next-generation line of tablets. That means you can get your hands on the 7-inch Kindle Fire at just $149. How awesome is that?

Of course, this is another smart marketing move on Amazon. And why not? They can definitely afford to slash their prices just to keep up with the competition.

Sales for the Kindle Fire skyrocketed when it was first made available, although they've tapered down since then. They're up for some fierce competition though, with the impending launch of Google's own 7-inch Nexus tablet later this month, which would further justify the Kindle Fire price cut.

The new model for Amazon's tablet is rumored to come in two versions: 7 inches and 10.1 inches, with the former having a screen resolution of 1,280×800 while retaining the Kindle Fire's original price of $199.

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