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Kim Kardashian Lingerie Photos Come Out of Nowhere in Zoo Magazine

Our boobtastic loving Brit-friends across the pond at Zoo magazine have somehow secured rather sextastic photos of the greenback vacuuming hot mama, Kim Kardashian, and now they're sharing them with the rest of the world. I'm not exactly sure how they managed to get Kim into her lingerie for less than the price of another sham wedding photo sale to People magazine, but they done did it, and the results are pretty damn spectacular.

As you know. we've taken an oath to mock everything Kim Kardashian, save for that ridiculously hot body of her which is on prominent display in this Zoo pictorial. Hence, we are torn between our abhorrence of all things mucky and low-life and Kardashian, with all things wondrous and sextastic and skin-revealing. We'll probably err on the side of the prurient. Enjoy.

Check out much more of Kim Kardashian in Zoo magazine, just because you know you want to.

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