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Katy Perry Goes Retro Flapper Cocktease for MOCA Event

If there's one thing that the Katy Cocktease publicity team wants you to know, it's that she's madly in love with some new dude from a band and she's banging the be-jesus out of him. Or maybe he's banging the be-jesus out of her, since she is a rightly-raised woman. In either case, they want you to know that she's not been devastated by her breakup and divorce from Russell Brand, who, for the record, is she-banging his way across the yoga pants universe.

What clearly hasn't changed with Katy Cocktease is her refusal to flash the last 10% of her bodily skin she hasn't show on stage yet to sell tickets, that glorious bit of funbaggery bare and fine and what makes us tune into her catchy jingle music in any regard. Not that we expected Katy to flash her sweet melons at at Museum of Contemporary Art event last night (but, it would  be nice). Enjoy.

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