Katy Perry Doubles Down on Cleavetastic Cockteasery in Long Night in Hollywood

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We've been following the career and almost-all-skin-show of Katy Cocktease for several years now, in great scientific and anatomical detail, enough to note that Katy took another great leap forward in tantalization last night in Hollywood as she performed a concert on Hollywood Boulevard and then hit an after party at Chateau Marmont, all in promotion of the premiere of her film, Katy Perry: You Still Can't See My Tits in 3D.

And the cleavage was out in full force, both for the silly costume musical performance and even more so outside the Hollywood nightspot, where Katy Cocktease once again proved to women everywhere that you don't have to flash your bare boobtastic to be well-liked, you just have to flash nearly almost all of it, and some booty and bare-midriff and legs and other parts as well. Way to take a stand for what you believe in, Katy.

Let's be honest, if Katy Perry weren't so damn hot, none of this would bother us so much. Enjoy.

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