Kate Upton Barely-Containing Bikini Behind the Scenes of Beach Bunny Photoshoot (VIDEO)

Damn damn diggity-damn. Just when you thought your brain had stopped jiggling from leering down the wiggling puppies attached to the hotness that is the young blonde bombshell Kate Upton -- they're back and bouncier than ever.

In this latest behind the scenes look at Kate's photoshoots for Beach Bunny Swimwear bikini line, the 19-year old fair-haired sextastic model nearly falls out of her top several times, and we nearly fall out of our La-Z-Boys leering, which is actually almost a physically impossible act in the full recline position, but I'm telling you, it almost happened. All I'm saying is, check out Kate Upton, but, please, don't kill yourself in the process. Enjoy.

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