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Jose Bautista Home Run Ball Dents SVU

Did you ever think you would need to ask your insurance company if you are covered in case a home run hits your car?It's not exactly a common question, I'm sure, but it is one that an unlucky fan at Fenway is going to have to ask after today's game between the Red Sox and the Toronto Blue Jays.

Boston pitcher Jon Lester has been a little erratic this season; not good when you are facing a notorious home run machine like Jose Bautista. The Blue Jays outfielder may have started the season a little slow, but he's been hot of late. He proved that by crushing a Lester pitch in the top of the fourth for his 25th home run of the year.

To think, some folks thought he was a flash in the pan two seasons ago when he came out of nowhere to hit 54 home runs (which he is on pace for this season). Lester is on pace to match his career high of home runs allowed (20).

Kudos to the cameraman/men involved with this video. Not only did they give us a great look at this ball being launched skyward, but they gave us an even better look as it cleared the wall and hit an SVU in the parking lot.

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