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Jessica Biel Bikini Pictures Rolling in the Wet and Wild and Rico Hottie!

Ay, Mami, the shores of Puerto Rico got just a huge bit hotter this weekend as one of our long time belusted favorites, the rarely seen these days Jessica Biel, got all kind of dripping wet and dropping sextastic in her wetsuit top and bikini on the beach while visiting Justin Timberlake in the P.R. (stupid ridiculously lucky bastard).

At one time, around the man-world, and on here, where it really counts, Jessica Biel was considered one of the finest specimens of female celebrity to ever have eyes feasted upon her. And while her growing pains have thrown her from her queen-of-the-oglers-hill status off and on, on and off, there's no doubt that this wicked hot woman has all the innate skills to make any man catatonic at her leisure.

If you can't taste the salt water on her body, you're not staring hard enough. Enjoy.

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