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Jennifer Nicole Lee MILFtastic Shopping Attire Like a Golden Sextastic Goose

Look, everything I know about fashion can be summed up in three words: Target Sale Rack.

But that doesn't mean I don't have an eye for attire that all the women will be wearing this season, and if I'm not mistaken, 99% of them will NOT be wearing the golden shiny skin-tight dress Jennifer Nicole Leewas wearing out to the shopping mall the other day in Miami, pretty much flashing every inch of her hard-yoked body. And, well, 99% of them (exclusive of our lovely ladies of the evening) probably should not even attempt this gown which seems to have been sprayed onto the toned and tanend body of this BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru.

She also seems to be dropping lots of stuff. But, this ain't Jennifer's first skin-tight dress rodeo. Enjoy.

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