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Jennifer Lawrence Flashing Her Big Bra and Curvy Buttockals at Fancy Shmancy Beverly Hills Hotel

We don't get a lot of amazing views of the amazingly hot Jennifer Lawrence, she being a rather conservative gal in private, not one to give up too much skin in public or show off that god-given amazing body of hers.

A shame really, a crying shame at times if I must be honest about all the tears I've shed wishing we could see her full frontal fantasticos. But, the young woman is super alluring nonetheless, and we can't help but track her every movement about town, as even a little Jennifer Lawrence goes a long way. And, on occasion, we are rewarded some little bits of fun time views, like when we caught her black lacy bra bare on her back outside the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, giving hints of the mighty goodness twins that lay stashed beneath. Enjoy.

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