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Halo 4 E3 Producer Interview (VIDEO)

Of all the enhancements to the Halo franchise coming our way in Halo 4, the one we're most excited about, once you get past the fact that Cortana will be a life sized A.I./hologram with a centerfold body, has to be the Spartan Ops feature.

Yes you'll be shooting aliens and there will be new guns and all of that Halo sci-fi but at this point in the franchise's life (this will be Xbox game #6 after all) it's got to be all about new franchise features. This time around it's Spartan Ops --free, 4 player co-op episodic content-- available the week Halo 4 launches. This could be one of the biggest developments in gaming if it works. If a parallel storyline involving characters and locations developed in a pre-release web series (starting this fall) can be fully playable and updated every week with 4-5 hours of playable missions works this time with Halo 4, other developers will be compelled to offer added value as well right? Right.

Have a listen as the game's Franchise Director and his charming accent take you through some details of Halo 4.

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