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God of War: Ascension Collector's Edition Revealed

Let me start by saying I hate special editions for games...well, let me restate that. I hate useless special editions for games. It's sad when game developers attempt to suck another $30 out of your pocket for some 'collectible' cards and a new skin for your character. That being said, I fully endorse God of War: Ascension's collectors edition that has just been unveiled. has just listed God of War: Ascension's collector's edition for pre-order for a mere $79.99. That's definitely a lot better than some of these $150 'super awesome radical extreme happy fun time' editions. The lower prices could also be due to the coming end of the current gen's console cycle as mentioned Deep Silver's Aubrey Norris earlier this month, while discussing the strangely low price of their next installment to the Dead Island franchise.

The major highlight of the collector's edition is undoubtedly the 'exclusive 8" Kratos statue' that will most definitely protect my work space and be a constant reminder that, even in 8" form, Kratos will always put my physique to shame. Awesome angry statues aren't your thing? It's okay, they still got you covered my friend. The collector's edition will also include:

  • Premium Steelbook Case
  • Digital Copy of Official Game Soundtrack
  • PS3 Dynamic Theme (most likely will contain blood and nudity aplenty)
  • PSN Avatar Pack
  • Multiplayer Double XP Unlock
  • Pass for Future DLC Content

Now, while there's a lot of good stuff all around in there, the incentive that intrigues me the most is the 'DLC Pass'...will that pass grant you access to


 DLC like in Saint's Row The Third and, if so, will there be any DLC that is actually worth getting? As much as I'd like to see the DLC expand upon the game's story, I figure it's much more likely to simply be some extra equipment for your multiplayer characters. Still...pretty sweet collector's edition.

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