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Get Ready, Fat Ass! South Park 'Stick of Truth' Video Game Previews at E3 (VIDEO)

Do you happen to love South Park? Of course you do, you faded blazed wryly cynical and disaffected Occupier with the super secret home theater den and blown out gaming hideaway.

Now, it's time to done get your stick put into a vat of South Park town destruction with Cartman and Kenny and Kyle looking all bits of bloody vampire and zombie and destructive in Stick of Truth, the new THQ game for X-Box previewed today live in pre-E3 modality. The game won't be out until next spring, so this is kind of like a girl promising you the kinkiest throw in the sheets for your 25th birthday, when you happen to just be turning 19, still, that's a something right? An IOU of optimistic proportions.

Check out South Park Stick of Truth and see if you think it'll be worth the wait.

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