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Gears of War Judgment E3 Producer Interview (VIDEO)

Gears of War 3 isn't even a year old yet, so you'll understand if we were caught off guard with the surprise announcement of Gears of War Judgment at this year's E3. While we've been assured that this is a full game with a unique storyline for Baird and set in the immediate aftermath of Emergence Day in the GoW universe, the multiplayer component of this game is where we're expecting excitement.

This may go down as the game where the Gears of War franchise grows up as a multiplayer experience because of the new Overrun mode. Class-based team battles with strengths and weaknesses all balanced are common in first person shooters. In third person games like Gears of War you're talking about an entirely different balancing act. That's our take anyway. The producer of the title has a lot more to say.

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