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FIRST LOOK: Jessica Rafalowski Takes You Sweetly Deeply Wonderfully Into Her Place

We love going into the boudoirs of the hot and hotter and exploring all their bendy, shapely, stretchy poses in their various states of undies and undress. It's just our thing really. Which is why the Me in My Place photoshoots continue to thrill and chill us with their inner-sanctum like hotness, including this early peek at the very latest MIMP shoot of former beauty queen, Miss Florida, and current sextastic model, Jessica Rafalowski, the Polish dream, getting all kinds of amazing looking for the cameras in her bedroom.

Even with some Chi-town roots in this office, we try not to play Pole-favorites, but there is little extra bit of electricity flowing through the office here when the girls of Polish descent start flashing their amazing bodies. Take a look at Jessica for yourself and see if you're not feeling a little stirring in your pierogi, if you know what I'm saying. Enjoy.

Absolutely check out more exclusive pics of Jessica Rafalowski on the Me in My Place website, and if you want to treat yourself, your father, or just the dude in the street who sells you half-smoked cigarettes to a Father's Day present this week, you must consider the amazing Me in My Place mobile app. Worth every penny.

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