FIFA Soccer 13 Screens and Feature Details Clearer After the E3 Hangover (PHOTOS)

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The gameplay enhancements to the latest iteration of the prolific sim from EA Sports have been much ballyhooed. Besides offering unprecedented authenticity to the genre, we now have a tantalizing coup d'oeil into the accompanying features and amendments to the EASFC. Subsidiary to the you could believe you're watching a game of actual soccer, should you be squinting a little/afflicted with cataracts nucleus of the trailers it may be; but for fans this is a righteous volley of goodtime knowledge-fact from the ballista of soccer game wonderment nonetheless.

FIFA Soccer Blog reports that a collaborative iOS App will enable players to:

-Search all available items in the Ultimate Team auction house
-Purchase items through bidding or buy now, and view live results.
-Manage your Watch list, New Items pile, and Trade pile while on the go.
-Track your Football Club status, XP, credits

FIFA Soccer 13 seems poised to lend the greatest mobile and social integration sports titles have yet offered. For further fleeting-thus-far details, behold the Gallery of FIFA Delectation above.

Source and images courtesy of FIFA Soccer Blog.

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