FIFA 13 and Madden 13 Now Listen with Kinect (E3 2012)

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EA SPORTS is incorporating full Kinect voice control into their biggest sports titles. Now yelling at your players will actually have an effect.

Voice commands allow you to call for a through pass and command your players to take a shot in FIFA Soccer 13.  Rather than pressing a button, during the pass you'll have time to tell the player running onto the ball to take a shot.  Reacting to a bad referee call with swear words or other expletive can get a reaction from the refs. Yellow cards will follow.

FIFA Soccer 13 will have it in multiple languages and dialects for players around the world.

In Madden 13, Joe Montana shows how to flip a run play to change the direction of a play. Yelling "hurry up" gets you into a no huddle. Audible to flanker dig by calling out "Flanker Dig." By  calling out Crabtree or some other receiver's name, you can change his route to a streak or some other pattern.. Hot routes work the same way. All of this is done under center before you call out "set, hike!"

On screen you're seeing a visual representation of the plays you're calling out. Player names pop up so you can make sure you're throwing to right guy.

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