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EA Reveals 20 Minutes of Dead Space 3 Gameplay

One of the bigger game reveals at E3 was the announcement of the long awaited 'Dead Space 3'. We've already learned that we'll be taking on the Necromorphs as Isaac works to find the true source of these monstrosities and we also know that there will be the option of playing cooperatively with another player, taking the role of the merciless soldier John Carver but a view more details have been revealed.

Dead Space 3 will take place larger on an icy planet similar to 'Lost Planet', thereby somewhat diluting the whole 'space' part although it's a welcome change and the gameplay thus far looks incredible. EA has taken their survival horror series and taken it in a whole new direction that really seems to be working.

20 minutes of intro gameplay have been released that show Isaac stumbling through the wreckage-covered new planet he has crashed on. It's a refreshingly bright environment (for the most part), what with everything being covered in white, but whatever darkness is missing has been replaced with blizzards so thick you can barely see a foot in front of you. Seeing a crazed Necromorph suddenly jump out and be shot down at the last second definitely had me hooked.

The substantial amount of gameplay revealed also showcased a massive boss battle that rivals the largest in the series right before Isaac is sucked down into...well it's hard to explain so you should really see for yourself. You can see full video over at

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