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Dreams Really Can Come True! Paris Hilton Finally Becomes a Real DJ

Hey, remember when I said that being a DJ wasn't a real job and I wasn't exactly sure what the hell a DJ does anyhow, then you tried to explain to me that, no, it's a real profession with real serious skills that require hardcore training and countless hours of learning and... well, Billionaire Barbie debuted this weekend in Brazil as partymaster DJ, fulfilling her lifelong dream of inserting herself into nearly every job available related to the party lifestyle.

There aren't many women out there who can open the house, fill the house, get the house tweaked, flash the house, and bring the house down now with her righteous pushing of the DJ buttons, but Billionaire Barbie can, and did in Sao Paulo, much to the delight of many screaming Brazilians, who, to their credit, may have been screaming for their ticket money back once Paris appeared on the stage.

Just when you think you've seen it all, there's always more to see. Enjoy.

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