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Diana Falzone Sextastic Photoshoot Takes You Into Her Happy Place

Here's why you want to be a photographer: we've known hottie TV correspondent and Internet advice columnist Diana Falzone for some time now, and not even an invite into the threshold of her home, but if you're noted Me in My Place photographer Michael Edwards, somehow you get an immediate invite into her boudoir, Diana shimmies into little bits of sexy clothing, and off you go into a mind-bending intimate photoshoot. Sometimes, life just isn't fair.

But, for the general ogling public, life is more than fair as we get the most delicious Diana Falzone pictorial to ever hit the visual airwaves, a glance at the sultry brunette in her very own place, bending and stretching and showing why you would listen to her relationship advice, if not but to smile dumbly and stare into her dark eyes (yes, I said eyes, raise your glances you dastardly males!)

Be sure to check out the entire set of Diana Falzone boudoir photos on Me in My Place, where you can also procure yourself one damn fine MIMP mobile-app for all your smoking hot girls in skimpy underthings needs.

(And you will henceforth undoubtedly want to follow Diana Falzone on Twitter.)

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