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Deena Cortese Bikini Butt-Crack; It's More than Whack

As you know, finding something redeemable in the craptastic MTV reality show Jersey Shore is like romping through the sewage treatment plant in hopes of finding your girlfriend's earring you accidentally flushed down the toilet three weeks earlier when you were kind of lit up and thought it was a spider (okay, that might just be a personal story). In fact, it's just like that. So outside of a few J-Woww busty babe views, the odds of finding anything sextastic at the Jersey Shore house, well, let's just say I think I know why all the guys on the show have drinking problems.

Nevertheless, there are those of you out there who still weep at the sound of Springsteeen as it reminds you of summer nights getting to what you thought was third base somewhere in the flabby folds of your Jersey Girls undies, and, for you, we present the bikini butt crack of Deena Cortese, freshly popped out of the pokie just in time for a week's worth of cheesesteak scarfing before bikini season on the Atlantic coast. That was a mouthful. And you'll eye-spy a mouthful or five of Deena whose body can't seem to be contained by mere human fabrics. Ahoy, manatee maties, and thunder-thigh plunderers everywhere. Deena is most definitely your gal. Enjoy.

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