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Carmen Electra Puts Gears of War: Judgment and More Into Your Brain

I don't know why they call your 40th birthday "over the hill" because things don't seem to get any easier on the other side and there probably isn't a view from the top either. So when Carmen Electra hit her milestone birthday recently, it just seemed like another reason for her to dress up and be seen.....just like she did when she was 39. At least she went to Crazy Horse III to celebrate because I hear there's shenanigans in the champagne room in that place. Links and Carmen Electra trivia below.

If only video game companies could speak with one human voice, this is what they would text. (IGN)

Gamers are definitely becoming softer and more whiny. Gears of War: Judgment will toughen them up. (Xbox 360 Achievements)

Stop trying to read about the Xbox 720 online so much. Microsoft doesn't want you doing that. (Kotaku)

If you've always had the urge, you can play as Stan Lee in the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man game. (Konsole Kingz)

Get your free game from EA's Origin store today. Battelfield: Bad Company 2 would be our choice. (Gamespy)

In 2004, Carmen Electra's voice and likeness were featured in Def Jam: Fight for New York.

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