BY POPULAR DEMAND: Cinthia Fernandez Hard Worked Crotch

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Okay, so it wasn't really popular demand so much as it was long time EgoReader 'Carlos J.' who pleaded with us to see some of the hot sweaty workout action from Argentinean dancer and TV personality, Cinthia Fernandez, who has turned her wardrobe malfunction on a dancing show and some very racy celebrity gossip into a series of personal training videos, highlighting how you must just get a wicked hot body like Cinthia if you workout like Cinthia.

Now, Carlos clearly has a thing for sweaty crotches, and we'd like to admonish him on inappropriate staring at the local health club, I mean, we certainly will lecture him, as soon as we can take our eyes off Cinthia Fernandez and those skin tight stretch pants.

Were women working out in stretch pants the invention of the devil to turn good men to impure thoughts? I like to think so. Enjoy.

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