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Blake Lively Reappears Smoking Hot in Marie Claire, A Worthy Reappearance

We haven't seen much of The Gossip Girl since her nekkid photo release last year and her various other bits of pretending to be Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend publicity stunt to make everybody forget about the nekkid photos and then a whole bunch of going into hiding nonsense over the shame I guess of just being a hot girl who likes to be naughty, as if that deserved some kind of shame, when it really deserves a standing ovation and universal accolade.

Anyhow, one of our favorite sextastic celebrities of the past few years, Blake Lively is back, and if I had to rip off my neighbor's Marie Claire magazine from the mailbox she thinks is actually locked in order to see sweet Blake, well, hypothetically legally speaking, that's damn well what I had to do. Enjoy.

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