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Bella Thorne Gets to Go to Miami Beach Hotels With Her Boyfriend

When I was fourteen, I spent my summer cleaning up vomit. Human kid vomit at a swim school, in the bathroom, where all the scared kids would vomit. My job was to mop it. I got paid less than minimum wage which I was told was legal by some teen-cleans-vomit-loophole in the labor laws.

Disney teen starlet Bella Thorne somehow gets to go on vacation with her young teen boyfriend to a hotel in Miami Beach. This hardly seems like this spinning planet is spinning equally for all of us. But, pretty girls to get favorable treatment in this life. Fair enough.

You know we already predicted Bella Thorne to be the next Miley Cyrus in the Disney factory lineup of tweens-to-teens-to-tartiness and with this bikini show and hanging-with-the-boyfriend-in-a-hotel-in-Miami gossip going around now, consider the ginger-haired teen well on her way. Enjoy.

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