Ashley Tisdale in a Biker Gang Helmet? Yep, I Can Work With That

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Former Hellcat hottie Ashley Tisdale is now filming her role as an amazingly popular hooker for the show Sons of Anarchy, putting her on set in blue jeans and a biker helmet, and while that may not be our wardrobe of choice for the petite bodied gym rat, I'm feeling like it's something we can work with.

Maybe it's because I know that if I were a woman, I'd probably spend three to thirteen hours per day straddling the revving V-twin engine of my vibrating hog, you'd probably have to arrest me to get me off (as it were). Or maybe it's just because my lust-crush for High School Musical minx just runs that deep, but, yeah, helmet and all, I think I'm in love. Enjoy.

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