Arianny Celeste Gets ‘Viper Room’ Sexy for Egotastic!, Part 2 — Cleavetastic Barmaid

I’ve taken three cold showers since viewing Part 1 of our sextastic photo series with Arianny Celeste and now I find we’re already moving on to Part 2. It might be time for the salpeter, or the sledgehammer, something potent to soothe the savage beast.

In our second round of photos from Arianny at the Viper Room, twisted through the fertile naughty at times quite in need of medication mind of Egotastic!, we thought to ourselves, how amazing would Arianny Celeste appear as a super cleavetastic bar maid at the infamous Hollywood hangout’s main stage bar.

So, Arianny peeled on some more of her own hot-designed Arianny Celeste Collection by Jaide fashionable clothes and we began to click. And click. And click just a bit faster. We really couldn’t stop until our film was spent.

These are the results. Yep, set your shower to frozen rain temp setting. But, enjoy.

Credit: Matthew Wardenaar (photos), Viper Room (location)