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Zooey Deschanel Provides a Bit of Ogle Worthiness At Fox Upfronts

The 'upfronts' are when the networks bring out all their stars of current and upcoming shows, dresses them in brand family friendly outfits, and parades them in front of sponsors and advertisers in N.Y. and I'm guessing everybody sits through it with a smile until such time as they can get back to the hookers and Heinekens back in their hotel rooms where the real deals are going down.

And, they're a bunch of  trumped up boringness. So, it was with great leer-appreciation that quirky hot Zooey Deschanel showed up in the monkey parade flashing a nice bit of pushed up cleavage, a sweaty semi-ogle-gasmic break from the ordinary to the quite stare-worthy.

Men are simple creatures. I'm glad that Zooey Deschanel gets that. Enjoy.

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