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Vanessa Hudgens Shows Off Her Curves In Gym Workout In Between Rounds of Knocking Boots

Why does Vanessa Hudgens look so happy these days?

You might be surprised to know that unlike us guys, it has little to do with great success at work, looking and feeling good, or just plain old having a sexual romp five times a day with some young thang bedmate, although, clearly all of those are true. No, Vanessa is very much in love, and that's why she's smiling, and personally I find it very quaint. Just as quaint as leering at her curvy hot body heading to the gym again, flashing her tummy, some cleavage, and a sweet petite body badonkadonk that gives us an indication of what the boy she loves earns for being the object of her affections. Quaint as in drooling imaging just how akimbo she can stretch her limbs in her yoga class. That kind of quaint.

Yes, spring is in the air, love abounds, and our binoculars could use a could de-fogging. Enjoy.

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