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Toronto's Brett Lawrie Loses His Cool

Close games are intense. In baseball, when there is only a one run lead, every pitch is pretty important since it just takes one to tie the game up.

Maybe that is why Toronto Blue Jays third baseman Brett Lawrie reacted like he did when a second call did not go the way he expected Tuesday night. If that is the case, it is safe to say that there is a much better way of voicing one's opinion than throwing things and yelling really loud.

Tsk tsk tsk; your little league coach would not be proud, Brett. Toronto went on to lose the game 4-3.

What makes this whole mess even better is that his manager, John Farrell, pretty much backs up his player's response by stating that the umpire screwed up the calls. Hmmm...could there be a fine coming his way as well?

Article by Travis Pulver

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