TGIF: Lucy Collett and Leah Francis Pressed Puppies Signal Weekend Smiles


As Barry Manilow often sings on my Best of Manilow iPod playlist, ‘looks like we made it’. And we done did survive yet another week or toil and hardship, those things we do when we’re not watching sports and drinking beer, so that we can afford watch sports and drink beer. And to celebrate this accomplishment of the working man, and working woman, and everyone who at least pretends to be busy in life, why not double up the the Double-D double downs of Lucy Collett and Leah Francis pressing the flesh in their photoshoot for Nuts.

It’s not that we like the sight of two sextastic hot big boobed women smooshing their plump ducks nekkid up against one another, it’s that we absolutely and completely love that sight! Talk about having your cake and eating it too — this foursome of funbaggery is just pressing all the right buttons. Enjoy.