Shailene Woodley Still Innocently Hot in ASOS Magazine

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We developed something of an inappropriate crush on thespianic cutie Shailene Woodley this past winter during her extended award season for The Descendants. No, it wasn't inappropriate because of her age, since despite playing a teen in the movie, Shailene is in her early 20's. It was more inappropriate because of how we couldn't stop imagining covering her body with taco sauce and playing human chalupa with the sextastic sweetheart who makes our doughnut grease hearts repeatedly go thump.

Featured in the upcoming edition of ASOS magazine, Shailene continues to impress us with the fact that we still dig checking her out, even when wearing way too much clothing. Sometimes, a girl just needs to impress you with her sense of style, and you need to pretend to be interested in that side of her, until you get to subtly mention that it's a shame she's hiding such precious gifts beneath. Keep it classy, gents. Enjoy.

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