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Scarlett Johansson Finally Gets Immortalized in Cement (She's Long Been Immortalized in Our Libidos)

I suppose the cynical among us might see the Scarlett Johansson star ceremony on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as just another marketing ploy to pimp the shizz out of the release of The Avengers this coming Friday. And, yeah, we're cynical, so likely there was some kind of check going from Disney to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce on this one. Not that our sextatstic delight Scarlett Johansson doesn't deserve many an accolade for her decade long run now of providing young female boobtastic on the silver screen. But we must say that a lifetime type achievement award seems a bit heavy for a 27-year old actress, although it did lead to her hotness out in public for the afternoon, so that was a big plus.

Long ago we awarded Scarlett with a place in the pantheon of the girls we will forever undress in our minds. And while Jeremy Renner was not there to introduce Scarlett for that particular award, we like to think she was equally honored. Enjoy.

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