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Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures Bring Out the Turquoise Blue Boobtastic Cougar Lust

I chastised Cousin Jonathan for using the word 'turquoise' this morning in our office. I get a funny feeling about guys who reference the names of colors beyond the Top 10 common color names or so. You start using 'magenta' and 'puce' and 'taupe' around me and I start wondering if you're the right guy to be spotting my mighty 150 lb bench presses at the gym.

But, indeed, we are running out of color descriptions for the bikinis of Rita Rusic, the 51-year old Euro-hottie film producer turned Miami Beach regular and maker of the sexy with the cougar cubs. She's out on the beach attracting much younger men in her skimpy bits of colored cloth barely covering her impossibly hot older woman body several days a week now; she must own 30 different bikinis, in the least. And we've been happy to admire every single one of them. Perhaps chartreuse will be next. Enjoy.

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