Rita Ora Straps on the Skintight Shiny Dress for an Egotastic! Introduction

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Well, it's about time I finally got around to highlighting the noteworthy aspects of British-Slavic singing wonderment Rita Ora, who despite being tainted with some Eurovision bad music smell (there's no musical taint really worse than Eurovision anything), and despite the eyebrow thing going on that does remind me of my sixth grade science teacher, Dr. Scowler, who turned out not to be even a real doctor, but those eyebrows could melt ferrous metals, still puts on a regular bodily show well worthy of major league leering.

Such was the case yesterday in London where Rita was pimping the shizz out of her new single, by way of dropping heavy heaving bosom notes in a skintight and shiny dress that left little hint as to the shapes of her body beneath. Like a delicious looking banger who we'd all like to mash. Enjoy.

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