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Rihanna Wicked Short Shorts Hot in Terry Richardson Photoshoot

Okay, we've already established that Terry Richardson is perhaps the luckiest bastard in the entire world, short of the soccer players she-banging supermodels nightly, because he owns a camera and somehow has convinced a bunch of the hottest celebrities to get playful, bouncy, and even half-nekkid in his studio or just hotel room to snap hot photos. Last week was Kate Upton in her magical Cat Dance, this week, the luscious Bajan hard-bodied Rihanna who wears tiny shorts about as well as anybody on the hot-bodied horizon, and even in this black and white shoot has many of my parts feeling deeply blue.

In summary, Terry Richardson, ridiculously lucky, Rihanna, ridiculously hot. Us, just watching it all with a smile. Enjoy.

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