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Rihanna Gets Painted Body Animal Hot Behind the Scenes of Her Music Video

I think she's a crocodile, or gator, I never remember the difference really, and I've watched 1,745 hours of Animal Planet, so I should know. But, more importantly, Rihanna is sharing again on her Facebook account. She loves to share, which is one of the reasons we lust her, because sharing means caring, and faptastical times when sharing photos of yourself barely clad in some kind of animal barely there covering on the set of her music video production.

Now, for the most part, 99% of all music videos have sucked monkey nuggets since about 1988; they're just expensive surrealistic tributes to set design and camera effects that have little to do with story telling. But, they have gotten increasingly revealing, which is a good thing, and a very good thing when it involves the hot bodied Bajan and some kind of erotic swamp shoot. Enjoy.

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