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Policeman Destroys Fan Who Runs on Pitch at USA Brazil Soccer Match

One thing I'll just never understand is people running onto the field a sporting event. At what point does that sound like a good idea? You're in a confined space with tons of security and police, mostly likely dozens of TV cameras, and absolutely zero good can come of it.

The end game is always the same. Fan gets caught, fan gets arrested, fan looks like a fool. And these days, security can't take any chances with somebody who decides to run onto the field of play. You never know what someone's intentions really are. So when this guy ran out onto the pitch during the USA/Brazil soccer match at FedEx Field got approached by cops, they weren't messing around.

Sure the guy appeared to be harmless, but he gets absolutely trucked by Johnny Law. Was it worth it? Probably not, but I guess at least the guy has an interesting story to tell to his buddies.

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