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Miranda Kerr Sexy Fun Photo Time for Jack

Oh, how we lust Miranda Kerr. From head to toe and right back up again. The uber-MILF is back to full time modeling and appearance work and we couldn't be happier, because a day without Miranda is a sad day indeed (don't even get me started on an entire week without Miranda, because it inevitably finds me cowered like a frightened child weeping beneath my Ikea bed frame).

In her latest visual incantation, Miranda lights up the current edition of our very favorite named magazine, Jack, from The Boot, where they have been honoring hot women for thousands and thousands of years, first in stone, then in painting, now in photographs, which for the record is far more convenient because the Egotastic! sculpture display would require me yelling at each of you to wipe your shoes off before entering, and who needs that. Enjoy.

P.S. Check out Miranda Kerr this week in her latest David Jones fashion photoshoot, also quite stellar.

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