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Minka Kelly Sweaty Heaving Cleavage Could Give a Man Naughty Thoughts

We don't see much of Minka Kelly these days. Well, you don't, we do here, but it's mostly walking her dog all covered in a conservative mom garb of some kind, which makes no sense for the young hot actress, but I guess she's not much into displays of public exhibition, at least not since the Derek Jeter banging days ended, ah, the salad days of youth. (Hey, you downgrade from a future Hall of Famer to Wilmer Valderrama as Minka reportedly has, and you'd be hiding from the spotlight too.)

But at the airport over the weekend, Minka and her formidable funbags got all hot and bothered with the L.A. heat and started to work up a sweaty profusion from her boobtastic protrusions that caused even the most world-weary traveler to pause and check out her roses. It's quite an impressive rack, it's sweaty, and that makes it all kinds of awesome. Thank you, Minka. It's been a while. Enjoy.

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