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Miley Cyrus Looking Mighty Fine Bare Midriff and Chesty at the Magical Kingdom

Technically, I think Miley Cyrus is at California Adventure, and I'm not sure if that's considered the Magical Kingdom or not, though I can tell you from experience, I mean, the experience of a friend, that the Tower of Terror on shrooms is more than magical.

Nevertheless, when you work your butt off, literally, on your hardcore Pilates workouts, you need a place to get out and start showing off the new hot form, so why not Disney where you made your bones, and then some. So, Miley strode about California Adventure flashing her newly taut tummy and her pointy chest in a half shirt and just looked all kinds of California Girl delicious. An E-ticket ride as the old-timers like my dad or the less expensive elderly escorts you can afford in Vegas used to say. Enjoy.

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