Miami Heat Aren’t Choke Artists After All (VIDEO)

Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat
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There is a lesson to be learned for the Indiana Pacers in Thursday night’s Game Six loss to the Miami Heat. Do not ever, under any circumstances, do absolutely anything (and I mean anything) to antagonize a team that is better than you.

After Pacers reserve Lance Stephenson made the choke sign when LeBron James missed a free throw in Game Three, the Heat appeared to come alive after appearing to have the energy and drive of a dead fish in Games Two and Three.

Dwyane Wade of the Miami HeatDown 1-2 following that infamous moment, the Heat—more specifically, LeBron and Dwyane Wade—took the Pacers to school, showing them and whomever else happened to be watching that they are among the best (if not the best) in the NBA.

Thursday night was D-Wade’s night to shine. The longtime Miami guard had 26 points in the first half alone on the way to a 41 point, 10 rebound night. His running mate (LeBron) added another 28 points, 6 rebounds, and 7 assists.

With the help of solid nights by Mike Miller (12 points) and Mario Chalmers (15 points) the Heat was able to overcome a 51-53 halftime deficit to win Game 6 (and the series) by the score of 105-93.

The Heat will get a short rest as they wait to see who they will play in the Eastern Conference Finals, the Boston Celtics or the Philadelphia 76ers. Boston and Philly will square off in Game 7 of their series Saturday night at 8 PM ET.

Whoever they play may have to worry about having to take on the Big Three rather than the Big Two like Indiana did. There has yet to be a time table set for the return of Chris Bosh, but he is hopeful that he’ll be able to come back sometime during the Eastern Conference Finals.

Article by Travis Pulver