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Maryna Linchuk Bikini Pictures Hot Enough to Turn St. Bart Into a Sinner

One of these days, maybe sometime not long after all the stupid probation requirements about staying in the country expire, I'm setting up camp on the beach in St. Bart's and just ogle as all the pretty little celebrity maidens walk by in their bikinis, or less.

Maryna Linchuk, the vastly under-male-appreciated hottie female fashion model extraordinaire is the latest example of what you might find just minding your own business with binoculars on your beach chair in St. Barts. The Belarusian supermodel was doing what she does best, getting paid to make apparel look amazing, in this case, to our good fortune, skimpy bikinis that highlighted her naturally wicked hot body. Had I actually been there in person, I think I would have squirted my sun tan lotion uncontrollably across the sand. Enjoy.

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