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Mark Ruffalo Signs A Six Picture Deal With Marvel

The Avengers has already been lauded by critics and filmgoers alike for it's perfect blend of action, comedy and Scarlett Johansson wearing extremely tight lycra.

Yet it has been Mark Ruffalo's perfectly reserved performance as Bruce Banner which has seen many viewers pine for a Hulk spin-off of his own. And it looks like those people are about to have their wish come true with the news that "The Ruff" has signed a 6 picture deal with Marvel studios. A bet that's more than you bargained for isn't it.

It's safe to assume that The Avengers was the first of his six with The Hulk bound to have a cameo in maybe one of the sequels to Thor, Iron Man or Captain America before bounding off on his own little journey. 

But it's great to see Ruffalo get his chance to perform in his own blockbuster franchise and hopefully he can do a better job than both Ed Norton and Ed Bana did. With his performance in The Avengers going a long way to prove that he already has.

Article by Gregory Wakeman

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