Maria Menounos Still Flashing Her Hiney for Dancing With the Stars Rehearsals

Sadly, I must admit to not spending much time following the current season of Dancing With the Stars, but I had even more fun things to do with my time like gouging out my eye with a hot fireplace poker and contracting rabies from squirrel through a nasty bite to my taint.  I just can't bring myself to watch dudes in costumes dancing. I'm genetically programmed to feel violently diarrhetic when I come into visual contact with such sights, or, worse, people talking about how wonderful such sights are.

However, my blind rage is not so blinding that I can't give kudos to the show producers for keeping the epically sextastic Maria Menounos on the show week after week, meaning we get to see her practicing and warming up in skin tight dancer gear week to week, it's all making us quite weak in the knees. Just look at that arse. Avast! Enjoy.

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