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LeAnn Rimes Bikini Pictures Work Hard for the Dinero Down Mexico Way

Okay, let's be honest, LeAnn Rimes took the entire chubby girl into grown up tight chick transformation process just a bit too far, cooked just a bit too long in the magical makeover oven, and mighta oughta coulda popped out of the Altered States box before losing some of her former cute teen girl looks.

But, let's also be honest, she's not getting this hard bikini body on outside contractor work alone. The girl is sweating it hard somewhere to get herself into that shape; and the fact that she's showing off that shape for the cameras at cities around the world, well, it's something we're forced to admire on principle here at Egotastic! We'd be at a loss if sexy celebrities actually wanted the privacy they always b.s. about wanting.

Down Cabo way on a multi-bikini vacation, the country music star and all-around girl in the gossip rags strode about in a black bikini one day, a red the next, all the while looking like she was born to be stranded on a desert island with nothing but a bikini, or less. Dare to dream. And, enjoy.

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