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Laura Vandervoort Super Hot As She Takes You Into Her Flirty Fortress of Fapitude

By now you know we beyond dig the shizz out of the Me in My Place photo-series which we will be focusing on this summer, both the brand new eye popping shoots and the most memorable classic celeb boudoir shots of the past couple of years. Because we happen to love sextastic celebrities in their underthings in their bedrooms, so shoot us.

Today happens to be the brand new eye popping variety of shoots courtesy of Supergirl herself, Laura Vandervoort, who gets all kinds of informally wicked hot in her brand new Me in My Place photoshoot for Esquire magazine, just out today. Oh, when the young ladies start to bend and stretch and pose in their little cotton undies how I feel a delightful seizure coming on. It's really quite the thing.

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P.S. How hot is Laura Vandervoort? She makes even Video Game voice-overs spring to life:

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