Kristen Stewart and Natasha Poly Battle For Plunging Red Dress Supremacy at 'Cosmopolis' Premiere

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As we said, Cannes heated up a couple Kelvin degrees this weekend, with the sextastic celebrities making one last ditch effort to make their most memorable red carpet moment, and no slouching it were Kristen Stewart and Natasha Poly, neither of whom are blessed with the buxom bouncies, but both made the most of it at the premiere of Cosmopolis in Cannes.

Now, you might give the advantage to supermodel and Pirelli calendar veteran, Natasha Poly, the girl knows how to wear a revealing dress alright. But I'm giving bonus points to Kristen Stewart just for getting out of her hipster used-clothing threads and ditching her middle finger for one night to get super-decked out and amazing looking. I know, I have a weak spot for the angst-ridden thespianic with the perma-grimace, but I just can't help loving girls who can't love themselves.

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