Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Lady Joys on a Motherf**king Yacht

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You know Kim Kardashian can smell money from up to 1100 kilometers away, so there's no surprise that the woman who traveled to our planet to suck up every shekel she can find arrived in Cannes with her latest most greatest love ever, Kanye West, the pair making an appearance on the yacht, The Lady Joy, anchored off the coast of Southern France.

In a socially awkward moment, when one of the yacht guests asked Kim Kardashian what brings her joy as a lady, Kim scribbled a dollar amount on a cocktail napkin and shoved it down the trousers of the questioner, but working past that faux pas, Kim and her cleavage managed to keep her in good graces with the good-graced luxury sea-faring vessel crowd in Cannes. Enjoy.

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