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Katherine Heigl Makes Rare Bodily Show Outside Gym In Stretch Pants and Tight Tank Top

It's rare that the very demure and reportedly kind of difficult (hey, I don't make these reports, I just hear them around the water cooler, okay, the beer cooler) Katherine Heigl ever comes out in public without at least five pieces of designer clothing on, so we take a little rejoice in her stretch pants and tank top apparel today, a common look for many of our favorite gym rat celebs, now, on the form of Katherine, who wasn't even hiding her healthy badonkadonk in those skin tight leggings.

I never know exactly how to feel when I see Katherine Heigl. I mean, I know I want to bed her down in a mattress stuffed with the human hair of hot female redheads, but beyond that, I'm sort of always wondering if I lust her or meh, it might be the personality coming into play here. I really must resist the temptation to look past skin deep. I have responsibilities. Enjoy.

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