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Josh Hamilton Makes History with Big Night at the Plate (VIDEO)

This may sound a little dirty, but I assure you that it is anything but. While watching highlights of Josh Hamilton taking it to the Baltimore Orioles on Tuesday I kept thinking of an old song by Clarence Carter:

I stroke it to the east/ I stroke it to the west...

Why? Because that is what Josh Hamilton did. The man was stroking it against the Orioles; and when he strokes it, he strokes it well.

Hamilton gave Rangers fans and brass a taste of what they will be missing if they do not resign him after this season by hitting four home runs of Orioles pitchers. Each one was a two-run shot, incidentally with Elvis Andrus on base (new lucky charm?).

To top off the night he hit a double as well to bring his total number of bases to 18 for the night, a new American League record. He is the 16th player to hit four home runs in a single game (no one has ever hit five).

Article by Travis Pulver

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